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Since the weather is getting warmer and people are starting to enjoy themselves in this nice weather, I decided to visit “Ride Of Pleasantville” which is  located in 351 Manville Rd., Pleasantville, NY 10570. Ride of Pleasantville is the go-to bike shop for Mountain Bikers and even average people who enjoy bike riding with their family and friends who are located in or out of  Central Westchester. Not only is “Ride of Pleasantville” a great bike shop but it also provides great cycling destinations such as Graham Hills Park,North County Trail, The Old Crow Trail way and many more.  They have various bikes like the Liv Bella, the Giant moda, to the giant animator. They make people feel at home even if they aren’t a part of the cycling community.

Every Sunday afternoon they have scheduled group rides for everyone who lives outside or inside the Westchester region. “Ride of Pleasantville” have weekend group rides at Graham Hills Park. Normally everyone who signed up would arrive at the shop early in the morning and then they start to ride out as a group around 12 afternoon. What I found is so fascinating was the fact that not only do they ride at Graham Hills but they ride up Blue Mountain reservation as well. Blue Mountain reservation is a 1500 acre park in the northwest section of Westchester County. When I was in 10th and 11th grade I used to work as a cashier for Blue Mountain Park and Blue Mountain Shooting Range. In the Summertime, I remember always seeing a huge group of cyclists writing to the park every Sunday and I never knew what it was until I went to “Ride of Pleasantville and I realize it was a group cycling class.
Tune Ups and Overhaul
  • Safety Check – $40
  • Basic Tune – $65
  • Standard Tune – $80
  • Deluxe Tune – $110
  • Non-Suspension Overhaul – $140
  • Front Suspension Overhaul – $180
  • Dual Suspension Overhaul – $220
  • Bicycle Clean-Up Charge – $15 Bicycle Builds, Assemblies & Shipping

$15 Bicycle Builds, Assemblies & Shipping

  • Triathlon / Time-Trial Build (non ride.) – $300
  • Triathlon / Time-Trial Build (ride.) – $200
  • Road (non ride.) – $160
  • Road (ride.) – $120
  • Mountain (non ride.) – $200
  • Mountain (ride.) – $150
  • Bike Build Hourly (non ride.) – $100
  • Bike Build Hourly (ride.) – $60
  • Bike Boxed for Shipping – $50
  • Assemble Shipped Previously Assembled Bike – $50

It Can All Be Found At The Village

The Village Bookstore is a quaint little store located on 10 Washington Avenue in Pleasantville, NY. While its location within Pleasantville has changed over the last 40 years, the unique and welcoming atmosphere the store possesses has not.

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Photo by Natalia Alvarez

“It’s an excellent location we have now, we’ve been here for about four years,” said Bob, an employee at the Village. “The Jacob Burns Film Center is really a magnet so its really good to be across the street from them.”

The name of the bookstore also embodies perfectly everything that the bookstore stands for: community, quality and uniqueness. But it wasn’t always known as “The Village”.

According to Bob, the bookstore used to just be “The Bookstore” which has a simplistic quality all its own. But customers seemed to question the name of the bookstore.

They told Bob and the owners that the bookstore was part of the village and thus the new name was born. But what makes this bookstore unique is their dedication to their customers.

“We do a lot of special-ordering,” said Bob. “We make sure that we have something for everyone. Most of the time our customers find something that will fit the bill for what they want. But sometimes we have to special order stuff we don’t have.”

5-7-15 051
The bookstore has something for everyone with their wide array for books. (By Natalia Alvarez)
5-7-15 046
By Natalia Alvarez

The calm and quiet atmosphere that surrounds the bookstore is one of Bob’s favorite things. After spending about 20 years as a social worker, an atmosphere Bob says is “not calm”, working at the bookstore has brought peace.

All kinds of people come over to the bookstore which makes Bob’s job that much more fun. He says the clientele base is “very interesting” with all kinds of characters.

“We get a lot of professionals, retired folk, doctors, lawyers, writers, musicians, alls kinds of people,” said Bob. “You meet really interesting people on a day to day basis.”

While Pace students are not the main clientele for the bookstore, the Village has still found itself doing quite a few things its neighboring University.

“We’ve done a few things with Pace,” said Bob. “They’ve done some poetry readings and a lot of times we’ll be asked to bring in some books to read.”

Action-adventure, romantic comedies, sci-fi, period dramas, children’s books, fantasy novels, even educational books- you can find it all at The Village Bookstore!

5-7-15 045
By Natalia Alvarez

Stone Barn Center for Food & Agriculture – Changing the Way We See Food

Stone Barn Center for Food & Agriculture is located just five minutes from Pace University Pleasantville Campus in the nearby Pocantico Hills. As I spoke to Westchester residents many of them had no idea this hidden gem was so close to home. In fact, Stone Barn also provides farm fresh produce to many of the local restaurants in the area and has a critically acclaimed restaurant of it’s own – Blue Hill.

Credit: Rebecca Bauchner
Credit: Rebecca Bauchner

Their mission? Stone Barn says, “We are working to change the way America eats and farms.” As you begin to reach the Stone Barn Center you automatically feel as if you have been transplanted out of Pleasantville and into farm country. When I first arrived, I saw the rolling hills of green and farm like surroundings. It seemed so odd as it so close to Route 117, a road I drive through everyday, and yet Stone Barn seemed like a place all on it’s own.

Photo: Rebecca Bauchner
Photo: Rebecca Bauchner

New York and Westchester County is known for it’s agriculture and farms but most of them are in upstate New York where the land is less expensive and less developed. However, Stone Barn has managed to create a highly diverse, four season farm whose goal is to educate the public on sustainable farming practices.

Photo: Rebecca Bauchner

Stone Barn is also unique because you can visit and walk around the farm as the farmers go about their day taking care of the animals and crops. In this one unique experience you can be face to face with goats, chickens, horses, cows, pigs, and so much more! There is even a walking trail around the whole farm that is almost like a self guided tour.

Photo: Rebecca Bauchner
Photo: Rebecca Bauchner

My first visit to Stone Barn was three years ago and since then a lot has changed. Unfortunately, it isn’t so secret anymore. At first they charged 10 dollars to get in only on Saturdays and Sundays and now because of the high volume they get on weekends you have to buy tickets in advance online. But if I were you I would try to go on a weekday Wednesday-Friday because it is free and a lot less crowded.

After you walk around and see all the animals stop at the Stone Barn Cafe where you can get a snack and sit outside in the flower garden. All of the sandwiches, soups, cold salads, and baked goods are made with ingredients from the farm. Don’t go too late though because they always sell out of the best stuff!

Photo: Rebecca Bauchner
Photo: Rebecca Bauchner

To have such a beautiful farm located so close to Pleasantville NY is truly unique and one of the reasons that this area is so beautiful. Grab a friend and go for a walk around Stone Barn.

Check Stone Barn out on Facebook.

Picasso in Pleasantville

Picasso's Corner, Facebook.
Picasso’s Corner, Facebook.

As interesting as coffee shops, restaurants, and other merchants around town may be, there’s a particular gem in Pleasantville that not many know about and is quite unique if I may say so, myself. Picasso’s Corner located at 25 Broadway, Pleasantville, NY is a paint and party art studio. This is the studio’s second location as their first had opened up in Woodstock, Georgia.

Picasso's Corner, Facebook.
Picasso’s Corner, Facebook.

Picasso’s Corner is considered a “BYOB” art studio. What that means, for those who don’t know, bring your own booze! You may come with guests of your choice or apart of a party and bring wine or food as you wish while you paint. The studio holds two and three hour classes on every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday. The other days are reserved for any larger parties. The studio has a set schedule in advanced for the whole month. On the schedule, you will find that each day of class provides it’s specific painting for that night, so you have the option of picking the night of whatever piece you and your guests choose to attempt at!

Picasso's Corner, Picasso's Corner.net
Picasso’s Corner, Picasso’s Corner.net

I think this place is unique because it involves being creative and also enjoying your time with others. I’ve visited the art studio once before and it’s a great activity to do with loved ones and friends. You have fun, laugh, drink, and paint-whether you’re good or not! Almost everyone’s painting even comes out the same thanks to the wonderful instructors you’re given during your class. The instructors give you step-by-step help throughout the process.

Picasso's Corner, Picasso's Corner.net.
Picasso’s Corner, Picasso’s Corner.net.

Picasso’s Corner is featured on Groupon and you can receive a half off discount by using their groupon. On average, the cost is around $25 per person, in which includes your canvas, paint, and other supplies necessary for your painting. Again, as Pleasantville is a small walking town with tons of mom and pop shops, I think Picasso’s Corner adds it’s own sparkle and exciting, giving everyone something to do and be their own artist. Not only is this place best for bringing out your creative side, but it’s great for bringing you closer with someone else and connecting and trying something different as opposed to the mediocre “rainy-day” activities!

If interested in visiting Picasso’s Corner’s check out their Facebook for more information as well as their website at Picasso‘s Corner-which also shares the many works of others and testimonials!


Zuma Beach tanning and spa is located at 473 Bedford Rd. in Pleasantville, NY 10570.

The stores open Monday through Friday 10 AM to 9:30 PM on Tuesday they have a very fun special five dollar tan Tuesday on Saturday it’s open 10 AM to 8 PM and on Sunday it’s open 11 AM to 6 PM.

Zumba beach tanning salon is a full service salon that promotes only the healthiest tanning supplies. They have things like sunless spray and quality UV cream. The owner, Kim suffers from auto immune deficiency and eczema so the UVB cream has always helped her with her skin since it provides the highest levels of vitamin D.  For for anyone who’s looking for a tan right after class or anywhere in the local Westchester area, Zuma Beach tanning and spa is the best place to go.  I really can’t relate to what some customers go through when they’re looking for that nice complete natural bronze look when their skin is pale or too light. The wonderful thing about the salon though that I could relate to is the fact no one’s skin is ‘perfect” no matter how much the media tries to persuade you. My personal issue is my small stretch marks on my upper hip.  No matter what skin tone you are, they can  airbrush your skin tone so that it diminishes the appearance of stretch marks, spider veins, uneven skin tone, eczema, and more. One of the things that I thought was really cool with the fact that they had the machine called the tripolar RF. It’s a face and body contouring system that tightens and lets the skin it reduces the appearance of wrinkles, stretch marks and cellulite. It’s pain-free and therapeutic you need at least six treatments for  perfect results. Also, When you bring a friend or two to the salon it automatically takes off 50% of regular price skin care products that you choose to buy or body services that you choose to get.


-mudmask ($25)

-aloe vera ($30)

-honeymilk ($22)


-Full Body 2hr ($150)

-Back Massage 1hr ($65)


-spray tan ($45)

– tanning bed 35 mins ($50)

Tripolar Treatment ($175)

My review on the store is that it was a little small and tight when you first walk in, the salon smells like tropical fruit punch probably because of all the creams , sprays, and lotions. The store is full air conditioned and has over 10 rooms available for tanning, facials, massages, ect. The Owner Kim, Is incredibly sweet with the cutest polish accent who is willing to tell you anything you need to know about the store!

Friendly Service For Your Furry Friends

Walking down Wheeler Avenue in Pleasantville, NY, residents can see a plethora of businesses as far as the eye can see. But in between the deli’s, café’s, restaurants and clothing boutiques is a quaint little store for those four legged friends.

The Pleasantville Grooming store is the perfect place for pet owners in the area to bring their furry companions for all their grooming needs.

From bath and shampoo and hypoallergenic conditioner to nail trimming and even skunk odor removal processes, all your pet’s grooming and hygiene needs  can be met here.

“We really focus on making sure that not only our clients are happy but also that the animals are comfortable and feel good while here,” said Rosa Saldana, co-owner of the store.

Photo taken by Natalia Alvarez
Photo taken by Natalia Alvarez

Saldana and her husband are originally from Venezuela, and came to the United States about twenty years ago in order to pursue their dreams of being businesses owners.

They chose the town of Pleasantville not only for its relatively close location but also because of the uniqueness and quaint environment that Pleasantville has to offer.

“It’s definitely a good area around here,” Saldana said. “We really couldn’t have been happier with the location. We have a good amount of clientele here and we really couldn’t be happier.”

The Saldana’s passion for animals is really what makes them shine as they make sure that each and every one of their clients, both furry and non-furry, are treated in a way that makes them feel special and of course pampered.

So the next time your pet is need of some serious pampering, or perhaps they had a little too much fun in the backyard and got a little dirty, stop by the Pleasantville Grooming store!

Pleasantville Farmers Market Draws a Crowd

Each weScreen Shot 2015-04-27 at 8.57.47 PMek the farmers market draws large crowds from all over Westchester County. The Pleasantville Farmers market takes place all year and is indoor in the winter at the Pleasantville Middle School. Moving outdoors by the train station in the summer.

In a few weeks as the weather begins to really warm up the Pleasantville Farmers Market will be moving outdoors for another year. Mark your calendars for May 23 for the first Saturday of the season. Be prepared for for lots of outdoor entertainment and over 60 vendors.

Spring’s arrival and the transition into summer will allow for seasonal produce from the best farms in the area. The people of Pleasantville happily shop at the “farmers market as it supports local businesses,” according to Ryan Zimmermann.

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 8.56.43 PMPersonally, one of my favorite vendors from the past few years is not a farm – but a food vendor. One that you can only find during the summer farmers market season in Pleasantville. Aba’s Falafel prepares delicious vegetables falafels and home made sauces that people line up for. Be sure to check the falafel table out if you stop by this summer! See Aba’s Falafel on Facebook. 

Some other vendors you can find at the farmers market this summer are: All You Knead Artisan Bakers, Buddhapesto, Mead Orchards, a few different local NY Farms, Pickle Licious and many more! The list has grown so much over the past few years as the farmers market has grown in popularity. Now people from all over Westchester County travel to visit this market. That has it’s pros and cons; it’s great for the local vendors who are selling goods but also means large crowds and no parking!

Credit: PV Farmers Market Yelp
Credit: PV Farmers Market Yelp

To see a complete list of vendors and to find out more information visit Pleasantville Farmers Market Vendors.

Credit: PV Farmer's Market Yelp
Credit: PV Farmer’s Market Yelp

The Pleasantville Farmers Market adds so much to the over all community that is Pleasantville. When you go on Saturdays you see a sense of togetherness that is unique to the small town of Pleasantville. Even though not everyone that is there lives in the town you feel for a second that you are all connected.

See what people are saying visit Yelp.com.

Visit the Pleasantville Farmers Market Saturday May 23rd to see for yourself!